GSSI Corporate Profile

GSSI provides its clients with complete and thorough GSA schedule acquisition and management services. Our experienced staff will work closely with your company to understand your specific product and service offerings and determine the best schedule strategy.

Filling out government forms is only a small part of the actual work. GSSI goes beyond providing advice or recommendations on what forms you need to fill out. GSSI will work directly as your representative at the General Services Administration, not only during the preparation of your proposal for submission, but throughout the lifecycle of your GSA schedule.

Managing and maintaining a successful GSA program requires specific expertise. GSSI provides unique knowledge and experience on how the General Services Administration works, and keeps your company up to date with changes and proper reporting requirements. We also work closely with you in monitoring sales trends and supply requirements with the federal government.

With an unmatched reputation at GSA and experience with applicable government regulations, GSSI should be your first and only choice for GSA schedule preparation and administration.

GSSI's complete GSA Schedule services include: