GSA Proposal Strategy and Planning

Working with your sales management team, GSSI will assist your company in developing a strategy that will ensure that every phase of your contract acquisition goes smoothly. We will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive survey of all of your possible competitors with GSA contracts
  • Provide plans regarding short term and long term schedule strategies
  • Work closely with your company to understand how commercial pricing and discounts are handled
  • Provide an understanding and interpretation of the GSA regulations on establishing "commerciality". In turn, we will work with the GSA to prove you company's "commerciality"
  • Assist in the preparation of a small business subcontracting plan, if required
  • Analyze your sales and discount history to formulate an acceptable GSA price and discount strategy

All aspects of your company's needs and requirements will be fully understood and planned for, prior to the submission of your GSA contract for approval.

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